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My First Amarinya Dictionary is a children's dictionary of English and Amarinya. Translate simple English words to Amarinya.

Improve your reading skills in Amarinya: Who is Laurent Gbagbo?: Who is Idriss Déby?: Who is Uhuru Kenyatta?: ቀኑ የ ይሄ ሳምንት፣ ዉስጥ Amarinya: Who is Thabo Mbeki?: Nyamfowa 8፥3: Who is Riyad Mahrez?.

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Do you want to learn Amarinya? Learn these new words for your Amarinya vocabulary: ሰብአዊ   አስራ አንድ   እናንተ   አልጄሪያ   ካረቢያን   . Better still, share kasahorow with someone so they receive new words to learn regularly.

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