ትምህርት የ "Scheherazade Tell Me A Story"

"Scheherazade Tell Me a Story" ምንድን ማስተማር፧

"Scheherazade Tell Me a Story" ፊልም ሁን።
ይሄ ቋንቋ የ ይሄ ፊልም አረብያ ሁን።


ታሪክ ሰዎች ቀየር፣ መለቀጥ።

Karim and Hebba are a young married and loving couple. Both have great careers. Karim is just about to be appointed as editor-in-chief of the greatest governmental newspaper. Hebba is the hostess of much appreciated TV programs about female victims, e.g. daughters who are buried alive because of improper behaviour, people drowning when attempting illegal immigration to Europe. Karim is told that he will only be appointed if his wife avoids political topics. He does persuade her to make programs on ordinary people instead. But her "non-political" programs will become even more repugnant to the authorities.
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